Development and Regeneration Services have for the past year, in partnership with internal and external stakeholders, been providing guidance and assistance to community groups and organisations in relation to our Stalled spaces initiative.
This has resulted in thirty projects seeking advice and Officer input across the City. All projects are at various stages ranging from early discussions with landowners/developers to completion and the community utilising the regenerated space.
Discussions with community groups and voluntary organisations, seeking assistance for projects within their community, highlighted the fact that there is no specific capital/start up funding available for stalled spaces - temporary landscapes.
DRS in partnership with Glasgow Housing Association via the Strategic Greenspace Partnership are now in a position to offer such groups assistance.
'Community support for Stalled spaces' has a budget of £50,000 with successful applicants accessing a minimum of £1,000 up to a maximum £2,500.
The budget for this initiative is very limited and groups/organisations applications will be evaluated accordingly by appointed officers.
Proposals should follow the criteria as laid out on GCC's Stalled Spaces webpage's in relation to current status and may include the following:
·       Land earmarked for development though delayed e.g. economic circumstances.
·       Vacant/Derelict Land
·       Open space  - yet undeveloped
West and North Open Spaces & Environment Groups
Over the past few years, both the West and North Open Spaces & Environment Groups have successfully supported a range of community groups and organisations to carry out small environmental and open space initiatives.
In order to therefore broaden the impact of the Community support for Stalled Spaces Programme, and to also provide additional opportunities for local groups and organisations to access support through this funding stream, both the West and North Open Spaces & Environment Groups are committed to providing additional capital funding through their 2011/12 Environment & Open Spaces Programmes.
The funding provided by West and North Open Spaces & Environment Groups will enhance the resources already committed from Development and Regeneration Services and the Glasgow Housing Association. The additional funding will support the delivery of activities within priority areas in the West, Central & West and Maryhill / Kelvin & Canal Local Community Planning Partnership areas specifically.
Information relating to this initiative is available on the GCC Stalled Spaces webpages including; application form, guidance to assist with completing the form and the assessment paperwork.
This can be downloaded and completed electronically or hard copies are available by contacting the appropriate named officer.
All relevant information can be accessed via the website link:

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